Monday, January 17, 2011

Be True to You!

At 11 am this morning my five year old daughter, Katie, decided she was not going to wait until 11:30 for mommy to come make lunch. So, ever so quietly, she decided to make it herself. At 11:30 when I came into the kitchen to prepair her and Kooper lunch, I found them at the bar eating. Eating a hefty plate of Yogurt, string cheese, a granola bar, a bag stuffed plum full of marshmallows, and a juice box to wash it down with.

Katie is very independant.

Every morning she rushes to her closet before I have the chance to pick out her clothes. She wants to express her own sense of style.

I tryed once to make her go change, but she began to cry. I finally understood that this is her style and what she wants to look like.

Katie is very stylish.

Although she is not as outwardly funny as her baby sister, she is hilarious in a sly sneaky way. One thing Katie is not afraid to do is be herself.

I pray that she will always stay true to herself and not appologize for who she is to anyone. I pray that she knows that while there may be some people out there that don't get her and don't like who she is, there is always at least six other people who love her for HER. I pray she never changes herself to make others happy. Katie, you are perfect just as you are and I pray that even when you get older, you will never appologize for that.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


If you've ever thought that you aren't active enough during the day, you might want to think again. Check out all of the things that you might not think burn calories, but do!

Doing laundry for 30 min burns 70 calories
Cleaning washing dishes for 15 minutes burns 37 calories
Sleeping for 7 hours or 420 min burns 409 calories
Driving vehicle to work or kids to school for 45 min burns 129 calories
Watching TV (a personal favorite of mine) for 30 minutes burns 32 calories
Sewing burns 97 calories per hour!
Computer Work (typing) and or playing for 30 min burns 49 calories
Talking or Talking on Phone while sitting for 70 mins (thanks for that work out Kendra) burns 114 calories

That is a lot of darn calories.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Bachelor Week 2

Well, since my kids decided to go to bed at 6:45 tonight, I finally got to watch last night's Bachelor.

Here is my recap, just in case you don't want to waste two hours of your life that you will never get back...

Once again we have to hear all about how Brad is different now. Brad - we get it. You've changed. Enough already. We forgive you.

Brad takes Ashley H on a fantasy date to a field with a personal carnival set up for just them two. Obviously something that would never happen in real life. Doesn't the Bachelor understand THAT very reason is why their success rate is only like 2%? What they need to do is take Brad and Ashley to a crowded restaurant, make them wait 2 hours for a table, and then when they finally get seated - sit them next to me and my kids! If they can survive that, they can make it. BUT, a magical carnival where everything is super perfect, not so much. Seriously, that atmosphere can make you fall in lust with anyone. If Brad had taken Susan Boyle on that date, they probably would have made out the whole time too!

The group date was pointless... it's the same one we've seen on Jake, Ali and many other Bachelor/Bachelorette shows. Film something that will never be seen by anyone, make the bachelor/bachelorette kiss multiple contestants. The crazy one flips out and gets all of the attention - SEEN IT!

Speaking of crazy... did you know that it was Maria Menounos' birthday the same day as the group day?

Maria Menounous

Michelle Money

Oh, I meant Michelle's... No seriously, it was her birthday. Not her 29th, not her 31st but her 30th birthday. She should have got some alone time because it was her birthday. All she had to go do was turn into Pouty McPoutapuss (thanks Cristen!) and she got the alone time because it was her birthday. She also got the rose because it was her birthday. All she wanted was to be treated special on her 30th (not 29th, not 31st) birthday.

Michelle, let me let you in on a little secret. Men don't care about birthdays, only women do. My birthday was last Thursday and guess what my husband got me? A horrible case of the Shingles (not on me, but on him. They turned him into a wet blanket - understandably so, but that is what I get for marrying an older man). So, get over it and get used to it... it only gets worse once you're married and isn't that what you're there for - or is it to gain a hot hosting spot on Access Hollywood?

On Brad's second alone date he wanted to "give Jackie her very own 'Pretty Woman' experience." Um, I'm not sure if I'm the only one thinking this, but don't I recall Viv being a hooker? Now, that's the closest I've seen The Bachelor come to a REAL marriage in all of it's 15 seasons. Because let's face it ladies... isn't that all marriage is - legalized prostitution. You want to buy shoes, your husband doesn't want you to spend the money. So you do "it" whether you actually want to do it or not and magically your husband does not care whether you buy the shoes. Well, that's prostitution ladies. I just hope that Brad didn't take Jackie out on the corner and make her turn tricks before her private concert with Train - the cheapest band that will make you go "yeah, I've heard of them". Que Seal for next week.

There was drama at the cocktail party between Raichel Goodyear and Melissa S, but I honestly can't tell you what it was about. I tuned out the shrill chihuahua barks and started looking at the new issue of Quilt Magazine. Surprisingly at the rose ceremony they BOTH got cut. Duh... cat fighting is not an attractive quality in a life mate.

The rose ceremony was filled with a lot of "OOPS, we didn't see enough of her this episode, we better show her face"



And then there was Madison and her fangs... My dear friend Kendra please stop reading right now...

NEWSFLASH MADISON - TWILIGHT IS JUST A BOOK. VAMPIRES ARE NOT REAL. EDWARD CULLEN WAS WRITTEN BY A WOMAN AND THEREFOR IS THE PERFECT MAN. WHICH DOES NOT EXIST IN REAL LIFE. I know, I know I'm sure you feel the same as when you found out Santa was your parents, but you were bound to find out somehow. Better from me than from all of those girls you were rooming with that were all LAUGHING AT YOU AND YOUR FANGS BEHIND YOUR BACK! So, like in third grade when you had to put up your Santa hat when you found out he is a myth, PUT THE FANGS AWAY CREEPSTER!

That's it. Tune in next week for Seal (whom I love by the way) - another inexpensive semi-relevant artist that will make you say "I've heard of him."

Oh, and "If I forget to tell you later, I had a really good time tonight."

Not Just a Coincedence


Everyone has "Ah Ha" moments in live. They're inevitable. Today was one for me.

I've always wanted to do a bible study, but have been intimidated by true believers that know soooooo much more about God and the Bible than I do. I am a true studier of the bible. I am a green person - a thinker, analytical in the purest form. I have always believed that there had to be a God, why else would we be here doing what we are doing right now if there wasn't. But to put my faith in something that I can't see, touch, or hear - that was another thing. I also wasn't brought up with the strongest values in faith that one could give their child. My mom and dad never went to church and when I went it was with my aunt. I did get Christened as a baby and Baptised as a pre teen, but only because that was what I was supposed to do, right? I also did some sort of Awana's course with a friend and when I went to the big communion ceremony that family is supposed to attend and is a big deal - my mom dropped me off at the door and came back to get me when it was over. One thing about faith that I am glad my hippie of a mother taught me was not to judge others for what they believe because we won't know who is right until we die, and then there is no one to tell about it.

So, when I was twelve and my mom died, it wasn't like I had any faith in faith to begin with. I went off the deep end doing things that were sinful and never really thought about God too much. I went to church in high school only because I had a boyfriend that went and I wanted him to like me, but for no other reason than that. Looking at my kids, who are just a little bit older than I and just a little bit younger than I when my mom died, I see just how young I really was.

I would call that an interruption in my life.

Then I became pregnant at 16, so obviously I wasn't too worried what God thought about me having sex before marriage.

That would be another interruption in my life.

And now for the last serious interruption of my life...

A mere four months after having my daughter and just before my 18th birthday, my daddy died. That is the point when I really looked up and instead of praying to this God, who has just made me an orphan, to give me strength and help me - I said "no god of mine would ever do this to someone he 'loved" and I ran from him in attitude.

Not too long ago, I decided that it was probably good for us as a family to begin attending church. Not because I had the need to find God, but because I didn't want my children to turn out like me. Always looking and searching, but never really finding faith. Always questioning what's being said and churning over it in their little minds. I don't want that for them. I want them to have faith in God and the Bible and not be as analytical about it as I am.

Today I decided to go to Bible study with friends, really just because everyone was going and I didn't want to be left out. I walked in, bought my $12 book and sat down, not really expecting anything from it. As the leader began reading a passage from the forward of the study book, I zoned out like I often do in church.

Then, as if God had lifted me up by my collar, slapped me silly across the face, and screamed "Snap out of it woman!!!", I heard her read this sentence "They (interruptions) shock us; they shake us; they compel us to change. Sometimes they make us wonder if God even cares."

BINGO! THAT'S IT!!! It was like God had brought me to Faith Covenant Church (the "Faith" part of the name of the church is not lost on me in irony) for a faith "Intervention." The one thing that has always kept me from fully seeking God and faith was why if he really loves me would he ever do what he did to me. The interruptions in my life have kept me from having a relationship with God. So, like my study book says, to get a new view on what the interrupted life really means for believers in Jesus Christ (which I do believe, I really do), we need to get a new view of God. This bible study is to help you navigate an interrupted life. VOILA! Exactly what I needed, exactly when I was open to receiving it.

I believe that God has seen my struggle and brought me to this bible study at this time for a reason. I am now, after 15 years, finally ready for faith and he is going to help me find it.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Cowbell Snl Full Skit (Real Video!)

Just a little mid day funny to share! I have seen this tons of times, but I cry every time it's so funny! Hope you enjoy : )

Friday, January 7, 2011

Oops I Dropped My Crackers

Why Oops I Dropped My Crackers for a blog title? Well, "Because I'm the mom and I said so" was taken, along with "Mother's Little Helper" and so on. In the midst of my research for the perfect blog title, like a lightning bolt, my memory flashed to August of 94.

I was only 11, but it was a pretty tough time. My mom was in the hospital in ICU and had been there for about two weeks by now. One morning she woke up and told me she didn't feel good and we needed to go to the DR. She drove the block away to the hospital, parked under the awning by the ER, walked two steps into the door, and passed out. She didn't wake up for 30 days, when they released her out of ICU - but that's another story.

So I spent most of my day in the ICU waiting room playing cards by myself. My Grandmother, Mother (an impeccable woman who wears hose with everything and gets dressed to the nines everyday. She's 84), came up there from Dimmitt and we went to eat lunch in the hospital cafeteria. I was crumbling up my crackers in my hand and dumping them in my soup when she very politely (as she always does, I've never heard that woman raise her voice in all of my 28 years) told me "No No No, Hannah. That is simply not the way to do it. Very bad manners". So then I asked her how the heck am I supposed to get my crackers crumbled in my soup because that's the only way I like soup. She replied "Oh, well there's a secret for that. I like crackers crumbled in my soup too, so... what you have to do is crush the crackers in the package - not your hand - then open the package, pour the crushed crackers in your soup and exclaim 'Oops I dropped my crackers!"

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What to Do With My Time...

So, most of you know that I sew children's clothing on the side. But, as I often do... I am tired of it. This happens frequently. It all started with bows, then clothes, now quilts - which I'm tired of.

But I'm bored! I have always fantasized about cooking for a living. I can hear the collective laugh from everyone, but seriously!

There used to be a lady in town that made frozen meals and delivered them to people. Well, technically she didn't make frozen meals... she made meals and froze them. Then sold them to others to cook. She isn't here anymore and I thought maybe I should take that up...

OR, what about a hot lunch thing. Making and delivering lunch like a meal truck of sorts?

OR, selling cookies or fudge or something on ETSY? Look at these nougats... Aren't they pretty?
(Borrowed Pic from

And What About this fudge... I made some pretty cute fudges this year...

Borrowed Pic from

I'd really like to try something like this... what are your thoughts? Anyone have any advise?