Monday, January 17, 2011

Be True to You!

At 11 am this morning my five year old daughter, Katie, decided she was not going to wait until 11:30 for mommy to come make lunch. So, ever so quietly, she decided to make it herself. At 11:30 when I came into the kitchen to prepair her and Kooper lunch, I found them at the bar eating. Eating a hefty plate of Yogurt, string cheese, a granola bar, a bag stuffed plum full of marshmallows, and a juice box to wash it down with.

Katie is very independant.

Every morning she rushes to her closet before I have the chance to pick out her clothes. She wants to express her own sense of style.

I tryed once to make her go change, but she began to cry. I finally understood that this is her style and what she wants to look like.

Katie is very stylish.

Although she is not as outwardly funny as her baby sister, she is hilarious in a sly sneaky way. One thing Katie is not afraid to do is be herself.

I pray that she will always stay true to herself and not appologize for who she is to anyone. I pray that she knows that while there may be some people out there that don't get her and don't like who she is, there is always at least six other people who love her for HER. I pray she never changes herself to make others happy. Katie, you are perfect just as you are and I pray that even when you get older, you will never appologize for that.

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  1. Wow, she has really changed over the last year. Katie is beautiful inside and out, just like her momma. I am not ready for the girls to grow up and I'm defiantly not ready for the mean girls stages. I pray everyday for Natalee to be able to find her place in life and make it enjoyable for herself and no one else. I am not ready for the day that Natie comes home crying because someone has been mean to her...I know I'll be crying too. And when that happens I'll be crying to you!! Love you friend! Love all the blogging too!